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FTK9 can provide AI services internationally 


Specialist in puppy development and procurement


FTK9 can consult on breeding centre development


Specialist in genetics that play crucial roles in working K9's

Here at FTK9 we are 5* licensed breeders of working and pet dogs to include Detection, Protection and or Multipurpose K9’s. ​We have carefully selected breeding stock to produce high achieving litters who will go through our structured whelp to working training program. 

We will from time to time agree to sell a puppy at the age of 8-12 weeks if you would rather buy a puppy and allow that puppy to grow within your family or organisation, we can highly recommend these puppies and can support you with training where applicable.

The puppies will be assessed, at various age benchmarks, to ensure the highest levels of development are being achieved. Each puppy we breed, or train goes through a structured development plan, starting with early neurostimulation and socialisation starting from the age of 1 week.

We also train dogs based on a specific requirement to order. These will then follow a bespoke training program, designed specifically to meet the needs of the organisation or individual.

Our spaniel litters will also be lawfully docked and dew clawed to prevent injury later in life, certificates will be provided.

Our Pups At Work!

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