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FTK9 specialise in the provision of professional working dogs. Our team trains patrol and detection dogs on varying odours, with contracts to The Ministry Of Defence, Other Government Agencies, and the private industry, in the UK and internationally for over 20 years. 


Passionate. Patient. Persistent.

Who We Are

FTK9 are committed to supplying the highest standard of operational dogs on the market to private individuals, MOD and Other Government Agencies. 


Our dedicated team train carefully selected dogs to exacting standards. FTK9 have a comprehensive in-house program which can be tailored to your organisations requirements. 

Our trainers and instructors have military and private industry backgrounds, drawing from decades of operational experience.

International suppliers of quality operational dogs.

FTK9 both selectively breed for health and characteristics, as well as sourcing quality dogs for operational roles, who all go through vigorous assessments and training programs that exceed that of national standards, our dogs can also be tailored to specific client requirements.


It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become

Quality services tailored for you


Our Services


FTK9s offer dog handler and detection trainer courses 

Dog Running in Water

Here at FTK9 we are proud to be 5* licensed breeders with generations of professional breeding of working dogs 


Here at FTK9 we can provide a dog tailored to your needs, whether your a family, organisation or handler

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