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Intensive Training


Our intensive training does all the tedious foundation setting and coaching of the dog for you, with detailed handovers and ongoing support. Before the training begins we will have an in depth discussion on your concerns or desires, so that a training plan can be created prior to training beginning. The training days run Monday-Friday and then you have the weekend to practise some of the new skills, or can run Mon-Sun if required please contact us. We tailor the training to suit both you and your dog, from obedience skills and focus through to specialist scent training. You will also get your own private channel for videos of your dog in action with tutorials and updates.

During their day they will have regular training sessions tailored to your desired outcomes, they will also have regular play, meal, or nap breaks to give their brains a rest in our various facilities so your dog comes home completely fulfilled loaded with new skills!

Each intensive training program will run for a minimum of 2 weeks and come with a free 1 hour training handover at the end of their program, this is in addition to the videos and guides to help you practise the new skills. You will also have free email/messaging support from a trainer for life following the programme to ensure any questions you have or support you need is on standbye! 

A common question is how long will it take? The speed the dog progresses will depend hugely on the path you take (i.e frequency attending/any input at home) and its current level of training, as well as past history. We can create a plan to set the frequency and outcomes desired by you for your particular dog. Please note intensive training styles are not suitable for dogs suffering from severe separation anxiety as this needs to begin in small increments please utilize our separation anxiety work so you can begin to prepare your pet. Below are some example time frames:

Home boarding option will be available at a higher rate, for this booking your dog will be the only 1 booked in for home board and train and receive full 24/7 training in the home environment each week mon-fri.

However, don't be fooled that you can drop a dog off and need not do any work again, any thought by you or claim by a trainer that you can send your dog off and it return fully trained forever, is sadly untrue. Whilst your dog will be taught all the new skills, commands and have new solid training foundations saving you hours and hours of the tedious work, when the dog then returns from training s/he needs to learn the commands and skills s/he has been taught apply at home too. Many behaviours are accidentally trained to the dog through owners earlier handling, so it is crucial the owners are aware and learn how to correctly use the newly learned skills, common mistakes, and also how to reinforce and maintain the training throughout the dogs life. For this reason we video the training methods to show you how to correctly give the commands or provide you with step by step videos. We also provide an in depth hand over where you can put into practise the new skills with trainer support and guidance. 


This programme covers the introduction to new or currently failing commands and teaches your puppy or adult dog the correct behaviours covering the foundations of obedience such as sit, down, stay, recall, manners when greeting, impulse control, leave it, heel etc (this can be tailored to your needs) in a low distraction environment. You can then utilise access to ongoing support, videos and guides to begin increasing distractions and duration and begin proofing the newly learnt skills with your pooch! Alternatively, if you dog has a good level of skill but you want them to learn new commands or begin proofing existing commands this can be tailored to suit.



This is the period in which we begin to proof the newly learned skills/commands and begin working on increased distractions and duration - or the introduction of specialist training once basic obedience has been covered. If you need to be able to have your dog to respond and focus around distractions this is more suited to your needs - the added duration will begin proofing in a variety of settings to ensure your dog responds regardless of its setting.



Its crucial owners have real expectations when it comes to puppy training. Firstly, this is the perfect time to begin training and set solid foundations for your pooch to prevent any undesired behaviours or issues later in life, its crucial to socialise and train them around dogs, humans, livestock, noises and sites, traffic, surfaces, grooming, pinching undesired items or doing the 'chase me' and much more. You can also begin building great obedience skills such as recall, sit, stay, heel etc. With that being said puppy obedience training is not a one time fix for life and very often when your puppy hits its next stage in life they will need a refresher boost to proof all the skills they were once taught. We provide you with all the tools you need to continue your puppies journey into adulthood whilst maintaining solid training and skills at home, all our training programmes come with a lifetime of support and we are just a message away! Or if your wanting your now so not little pup taking to the next level of training once s/he matures you can always get back in touch! Its much better to do it right the first time so you don't need to 'untrain' undesired behaviours later, such as jumping up, nervousness etc.

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