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Operational K9's


Our trained dogs must pass a 4 tier strict quality assurance process prior to being made available with our in house standards meeting and exceeding nationally recognised standards or tailored to your organisations needs. As one of the most effective safety assets, our dogs can save hours of man work by effectively searching and detecting in minutes. All dogs will be trained on live odours ensuring accurate odour identification. 

Our general purpose and dual purpose patrol dogs can also be tailored to your standards. Security dogs are one of the most effective deterrents, but not only that our dogs will ensure they can respond in any setting, track and search buildings, escort and apprehend and sharply indicate on articles that can be valuable evidence. We ensure all our operational dogs are stable but bold ensuring they can adapt to any situation.

Only the best

Many organisations provide both dog and handler deployment, as well as the supply of K9's, the issue we have often faced is that the great dogs are kept in house for deployment. Our only focus is supplying quality K9's, with the opposite view that we will only offer our very best dogs for supply to maintain ongoing relationships and support deployment organisations with their supply needs. 


We can provide a range of Working Dogs


Risk to life Detection dogs

(explosives, weapons)


Elite Family Protection Dogs

(stable protection)


Patrol dogs

(Security, dual purpose)


Non-risk to life Detection dogs

(Cash, Tobacco, Digital cell etc)

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FTK9'S internal breeding program is designed to produce quality dogs with desired genetic characteristics and drive; by controlling the environmental exposures along with genetic traits we can drastically reduce failure rates of the litter. there are several factors that play a role in being quality operational detection or patrol dogs and that's why we follow the assessment and development phases throughout the puppies life. Our in house breeding program produces dogs that can operational by the age of 16 months (detection) thus extending the dog’s operational life as well as controlling any undesirable traits developing through environmental and genetic impacts as the puppies develop.

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