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What will my pet puppy learn?

This can be tailored to your requirements though the below are crucial skills we work on with each puppy

8-12 weeks old we will cover an introduction into the following:
-    Sit
-    Toilet training
-    Social skills with other dogs
-    Travel in vehicle
-    Crate training 
-    Desensitation to sounds such as hovers, bangs, traffic, animals, fireworks and more
-    Desensitisation to objects such as scooters, wheel chairs, bikes and other common triggers
-    Textures (puppies learn a lot through their feets!) such as rubber, sand, grass, concrete, tile etc
-    recall intro

Between 14-18 weeks old part trained pups will begin proofing all of the above plus intro to:
-    Retrieval

-    Collar, harness and lead introduction

-    Down

-    Stay

-    Drop (crucial)

-    Leave it
-    Desensitisation to gun shots and other sound triggers
-    recall proofing
-    Loose lead walking

22 + weeks old fully trained puppy will be trained to a high standard in all of the above and then tailored to your request such as:
-    Operation K9s will go through a different puppy development program

-    Gun dog
-    Service dogs (though these will stay for a minimum of 12 months)
-    Therapy dog
-    Trained pet with any of the above as added bonus to continue to work with your dog in a fun and enriched way

Our Pups At Work!

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